Wednesday, August 09, 2006


According to USAID, there are now over 1 million orphans in Zambia, due to the AIDS pandemic. A whole generation of children are growing up without one or both parents. In an effort to respond to this growing tragedy, and through the partnership of stateside (US) based churches, we have been able to aquire over 500 acres of rich farm land, that is now the site of the Arms of God farm project. Even though this site is in a very remote and rural area, a recent survey found that within a 12 mile radius there were over 400 orphans; 65% of them were not attending school, and more than 50% were significantly malnourished. The concept behind this endeavor is to build group homes that will host a small number of children (8-10), who will be cared for by live-in house parents. The farm will be used to grow crops (up to two harvests a year!) that will then be sold at market. The income from the crops will support the project. Ultimately, the project will become completely self-sufficient and will not be dependant on any outside support. Currently, two buildings have been put up on the property and more recently electricity has been run to the site. A property manager who has a background in agriculture has been hired to oversee the property. Rev. Nancy Clark oversees this project from the missions side.

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