Monday, March 12, 2007

On the Road in Pennsylvania

We're enjoying getting more acquainted with Pennsylvania. It has a few more hills to navigate than our other district, Kansas. These hills posed a challenge on several occasions last month as our little Honda attempted to climb and descend slopes covered in snow and ice. Blizzards aside, this is truly a beautiful state.

The best part of itineration is meeting lots and lots of wonderful people. Sometimes we get to stay in their homes, like sweet Ellie and the gracious Fraers. Sometimes we get to pray together with them after our services. Sometimes we eat pizza together after church and tell them about Zambia. We even met two Zambian women in western Pennsylvania churches last month!

We really are one big family, you know, and there’s nothing like visiting 8000 churches (almost) to make you realize how much we have in common, and how much we need each other. We’re just thankful to be on God’s team (the Zambia division). Please keep us in your prayers: for safe travels, and for God’s perfect timing in finishing our support-raising so that we can return to Zambia. We’re still hoping to be there by August.

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