Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Beginnings

A few days ago my ten year old niece Hannah attended her first day of middle school. Yes, its been a few decades, but how well I remember the excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and terror of first days at a new school. The long hallways, trying to remember my schedule & locker combination, all the new faces . . . that was a lot of stress!

New beginnings—we’ve all experienced them. Here we are in Zambia, in a province and city that is brand new to us. Here we are, full of excitement, and occasionally, anxiety and terror! It’s a bit bizarre to be in a place and realize that no one in the whole town knows you. The slate is completely clean, the calendar void of formal appointments, the future wide open, the agenda waiting to be defined. That’s cool, that’s wonderful, and that’s a bit scary. It’s a position we don’t find ourselves in everyday, and one that we want to handle with great care and prayerfulness.

Our main job right now, besides chasing cobwebs and mopping dusty floors seemingly incessantly as we settle into our new home, is discovery. We’re discovering the city of Livingstone, the streets and shops. We still haven’t found where to buy hangers so we can take our clothes out of our suitcases! We’re discovering the culture and climate in this tourist town where temperatures, unemployment, and disease run high. Best of all, we’re beginning to discover individual men and women, youth, and children—their names, their stories. We’re encouraged by their warm smiles and genuine welcome. And we’re discovering that there is a whole lot more we need to discover.

In two weeks we begin a 3 month language course. Please pray with us that we will excel in this crucial endeavor. Pray that we will make the most of every opportunity the Lord sets before us here in this new place. Pray that we will be sensitive and receptive to truly discover all that God is doing here, and how He wants us to be a part of His Kingdom work.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jerry and Paula,
My husband and I visited Livingstone in July of this year and I would like very much to correspond with you about your work there. Please email me at at your very earliest convenience. I'm so thrilled to find your blogspot!!