Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In Malawi

Had a long and bumpy drive today from Lusaka Zambia to Lilongwe Malawi. The drive is far from boring and you have to be careful not to hit the mélange of creatures that share the road. My companions for the trip were a Zambian pastor, Pastor Zulu, and a missionary friend named Steve. For fun, we came up with our own way of establishing the intelligence level of various members of the animal kingdom by the speed with which they got out of the way of our vehicle. Goats did the best. Humans, cows and dogs were tied for a distant second. Pastor Zulu deduced that Zambian goats were smarter than Malawian goats, who were sluggish in their efforts to avoid being hit.

I arrived at the seminary today to begin working on a M.A. in Intercultural Studies. It is an incredible opportunity to study missions along side African brothers and sisters who are out there doing the work of the kingdom. I am bit overwhelmed at the work load that lies ahead, but excited about what might come from it.

More and more here in Zambia I feel like I have far more to learn from Africans than I have to give them. With the struggles they face and the obstacles they overcome to start churches or to reach the lost in their community they truly seem to me to be giants in the faith. They seem like modern Paul’s and Barnabas’s and next to them I sort of feel like that cow we almost ran into today who couldn’t seem to distinguish between our 4x4 going 70 miles an hour and its own dear mother.

There are something like 20,000 pages of reading sitting on my desk right now, so I need to end this. First, let me add that my wonderful, sweet, wife Paula is in Lusaka this week – unable to make the trip as she is pregnant with our first child. She’s probably working harder than she should, probably not feeling as good as she would like, but she’s undoubtedly missed more than she knows. It will be a long month.

Gotta go.

Remember, love deeply.

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