Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pray With US

We have recently received some horrible news regarding some good friends of ours here, and we ask that you join us in prayer for this family.

A Zambian family that are friends of ours recently sent their 9 year old daughter to the market to buy cooking oil. When she arrived at the market, she was pulled into a vendor’s booth, and raped.

She made it back home and was finally able to convey to her parents what had happened and they immediately went to the police. The police took the girl and her parents back to the market; the girl identified the man and he was arrested.

Then, incredibly, the other vendors began to threaten the parents for having their friend arrested. They have threatened to burn this family’s house down. So, in the middle of all that has happened to their little girl, they are having to move out of their home and find a new place to live.

The girl has been put on ARV’s in case the man has AIDS. It is likely that he does, because witchdoctors here tell people who have AIDS that if they have sex with a child, it will cure them.

This whole thing makes our stomachs turn. It fills us with rage, and we find ourselves looking to the Lord, and crying out “God, unless you do something…”

Please keep this family in prayer, that God would heal this little girl in every way, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Pray with us that she will not be infected with HIV and that there will be no long term effects. We know that only the Lord can accomplish these things. But we also know that “with God all things are possible.”

Also, please pray for this family, the Mundia family that God would protect them and truly be their fortress, and place of refuge, that they would find comfort and peace in His presence.

And join us in prayer that such a mighty revival would sweep across this land that the forces of darkness would be destroyed for good.

Thank you and God bless.


Anonymous said...


I am outraged about what happened to this precious little girl from the Mundia family. We will definitely be praying for her and the family. Is there anything we can do to support this family?

Daniel McNaughton

Joy said...

Jerry (and Paula),

This blog entry breaks my heart. I will lift up the Mundia family... that the Holy Spirit will comfort them in a way only He can.

And please know, you both (and baby Ireland) have an army of prayer warriors this side of the ocean raising you up in prayer.

in His love,

Jerry and Paula Ireland said...

thanks so much Joy! This family really needs all the prayer we can support them with. Will post an update soon, but as of now things are still quite bad. Blessings, Jerry