Monday, June 09, 2008

Big Ten

All week last week I was looking forward to this weekend. Partly because I was excited about doing our first youth seminar. I was excited about the seminar itself, but I was also excited about the idea of being able to sit down afterward and write the mother of all blog entries. I had it all planned out. I was sure I would be reporting on hundreds of people getting saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, among them the town witch doctor, the owner of every bar in Livingstone and the mayor (not that the mayor should in any way be associated with witch doctors or bar owners, mind you). I was sure that by Sunday I would be writing to tell you that during our seminar a revival had broken out and that the anointing of the Lord had so come upon Paula and I that people were lining up outside our home hoping that our shadows might fall on them as we passed by.

But, as it turns out, that’s not quite what we have to report.

We didn’t exactly have the100 people show up that I had hoped for. In fact, we didn’t exactly have 50. Or for that matter, 20. We had ten. Ten people. Oh, and one lizard who just lounged in the sun for about half an hour right in front of our little group(you know the way lizards do), looking as if he might launch into a Geico commercial at any moment.

I’m pretty sure he was sent by the devil to mock me. “Hey, this looks like a GREAT seminar. Sorry nobody showed up. Guess you wouldn’t mind if a lizard sat in would ya?”

So, we had ten people show up, and none of them were witch doctors or mayors, and our shadow ministry is well, it’s non-existent.

And ok, I admit it. My ego was a little damaged. We had secured the biggest church in town, which is practically a cathedral by African standards, and we had spent all week preparing and planning and then, the day of the seminar…8 people from the church that hosted the seminar showed up, and two from another.

It was ten people though. And these weren’t just any ten people mind you. These ten young people, I’m pretty sure, are THE MOST AMAZING young people in all of Zambia. No, in ALL OF AFRICA. Seriously, they are. And we had a great day. Paula and I alternated teaching, each of us doing two lessons each. And once we got going I completely forgot about having a complex about nobody showing up and started to have a really good time.

So maybe our first time out wasn’t akin to Peter preaching on the day of Pentecost when 3000 got saved. And I’m fine with that. Really I am.

But then again, maybe it was. And maybe we just have a tendency to count the wrong things sometimes.

I mean after all, Jesus started with only twelve. And no lizards.


Nate said...

Any chance you took a picture of the lizard?

Jerry and Paula Ireland said...

sorry lizard pic this time.

Jess J. Bousa said...

Dude, don't worry, we just did a similar thing here in MA and had the same turn least you had a lizard...numbers are numbers so that means you had 11. Skype sometime soon...