Sunday, August 16, 2009

When He Comes

This week Jerry and I celebrated 4 years in marriage – four precious years of zero regrets and immeasurable love and gratefulness for each other. This week also marks one year since we committed our son Josiah into the arms of Jesus. It has been the longest year of our lives. We know we are in the process of being redefined and resurrected by God. The journey is far from over, but we’re on the road.

Although we thought we already knew such things, what we’re really learning is this: “Trust Him at all times, O people, pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge” (Ps. 62:5). We’ve poured out a lot of things – pain, tears, anger, disappointment, and questions, but also, our faith, love, and worship. That faith and worship is of a different sort than it was a year ago, but not less sincere. Quite the contrary. We are more real, more weak, more broken and more alive all at the same time.

God in His goodness has both Jerry and I doing something we love this month – teaching at the Bible Schools. Jerry is presently at the Extension Training Center, and I’m at the Assemblies of God school. One of my favorite things about coming here to teach is the chapel services. There’s just an indescribable fullness and depth in worshipping and interceding with our Zambian brothers and sisters. Thursday morning there were just seven of us present, in that big church, and Pastor Mwanza led in worship. We sang the good old “Alleluia” song. And to the same tune we started singing “He is mighty,” a capella, in simple harmonies. We must have sung “He is mighty” through at least seven times. And in that big church, with a handful of people, singing that simple old song, the presence of the Lord came, and we began to truly worship.

How does one describe the presence of the Lord? He comes and lifts us out of our smallness, our heaviness, our weakness – and gives us a glimpse of His incomparable glory, a taste of His infinite love. And suddenly we find ourselves no longer mindful of “prayer requests” – but of the greatness of God.

And I couldn’t help but feel amazed at the wonder of it all. A small, struggling Bible College. Seven needy people (teacher included). And the glory of God.

His presence changes everything – our standards, our self-importance, our interests, our perspective.

Sure wish ya’ll could join us for chapel.

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Netta said...

Paula, when I read your words I can just "hear" you saying them. Love you!

Thank You, Jesus, for allowing us the joy of worshiping YOU! Love you!