Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Less than Perfect

Wow...its been way too long since my last post! Sorry for that! By way of a quick update, we are back in the US, and full-swing in the itineration process. Last Sunday we were with Daniel McNaughton and the folks at Spring Valley Community Church in eastern PA. We had planned on showing our missions video, but somehow the video we brought with us was a family Christmas video! Imagine our surprise when that came up on the screen! Anyway, we are thankful that the folks at SVCC are gracious and could just roll with it. No one freaked out, and in fact someone said we should have just gone ahead and shown that video! I like that! After all, we are all family anyway––right!

I sometimes struggle with, and internally want to rebel against the "performance" aspect of ministry. I don't even like to use the word "performance" but there is a sense in which that is exactly what it is. There are times in ministry when it is easy to feel the pressure of needing to convey a sense of our having it all together. And often, I think its healthy to be reminded that we really don't have it all together, that no one does (but Jesus), and that our humanness––rather than a false perfectionism, provides the greatest potential for connectedness with those around us. Would love to hear your thoughts on that topic though!

Also, some new developments are afoot in our ministry while we are in the US for itineration. We will be helping out with Africa AG Care–-a new ministry in Springfield, MO that focuses on compassionate ministry in Africa. We will be especially helping out with a magazine called Embrace. This is not a full-time thing, but just something we are lending a hand with until we get back to Zambia. We are exited about the opportunity, and will have more details in the coming days. Thanks for sticking with us, and being a part of the journey!


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Netta said...

Wow... we used to live just a couple miles from that church.

And I think the Grubers go there, right? Their daughter, Rachel, helped us start our church here nearly 7 yrs ago, and she & her husband are back with us for time as God preps them for church planting!